How to Convert 2D MXF Videos to 3D AVI/WMV/MOV/MP4/MKV?

MXF, short form for Material eXchange Format, is a container format (Like AVI) for professional digital video and audio media defined by a set of SMPTE standards. MXF format is not an acceptable format for most media players and editing software. In that case, you need to do MXF Conversion in advance to get MXF be supported by your Windows and Mac. But still some users will be doubt that if it is possible to convert 2D MXF to 3D AVI/WMV/MOV/MP4/MKV format or how to convert 2D mxf keeping multi-track MXF audio channels?

UFUWare 3D Video Converter for Windows or Mac or the MXF Converter provides customers a solution to convert 2D MXF video to 3D MKV/MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI format for vivid visual effect and better user-experience. With powful function in converting standard MXF video to 3D modes with perfect output 3D effect, these two programs deliver several 3D modes (Anaglyph 3D, Side by Side (Half-Width) 3D, Side by Side (Full) 3D, Top and Bottom (Half-Height) 3D and Top and Bottom (Full) 3D) for you to choose.

Below is a brief guide for you to convert 2D MXF to 3D Side-by-Side AVI/WMV/MOV/MP4/MKV format.

Step 1. Download and install the best 2D MXF to 3d Video Converter for Win/Mac. Select “2D to 3D” mode and click “Add File” button in the open window to choose the 2D MXF video files you want to convert.

Download 3D Converter for Windows Download 3D Converter for Mac

3D Converter Getting Started

Step 2.  Click format bar to choose output format, here you can choose 3D MP4/MKV format for playback, or 3D AVI/WMV/MOV for editing, like in Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Avid,FCE, FCP, Movie Maker, etc.

3d converter profile

Step 3: With this versatile 2D to 3D  Converter for Mac or Windows, you can choose the output 3D format like Anaglyph 3D, Side by Side (Half-Width) 3D, Side by Side (Full) 3D, Top and Bottom (Half-Height) 3D and Top and Bottom (Full) 3D as you wish.

2D to 3D

Tip: You can can click settings button to set the 3D effect by changing the Depth. You can also go to the Video tab and Audio tab to set video and audio parameters. (Optional)

Step 4. Click convert button to start transcoding 2D MXF files to 3D AVI/WMV/MOV/MP4/MKV fomat on Mac or Windows. The 2D MXF to 3D video Converter can help you convert recorded 2D MXF video files with high video quality, video and audio synchronization are perfectly guaranteed.

After converting the 2D MXF to 3D AVI/WMV/MOV/MP4/MKV format, you can freely edit, play and share output 3D Videos. Just have a try now!

The 3d MXF Converter supports all MXF files from all Panasonic/Canon/Sony MXF camcorders:

Panasonic: AJ-HPX3700, AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3100, AJ-HPX2100, AJ-HPX500, AJ-HPX371, AJ-HPX250EJ, AG-HPX371, AG-HVX201, AG-HPX171, AG-AF101, AG-AC160EJ, AG-AC130EJ, AG-HMC81, AG-HMC151, AG-HMC41, AG-AF100, AG-HVX200A, AJ-HPX370, AG-HVX200A, AG-AF100, AG-HMC40PJ, AG-HPX250, AG-HCK10G;

Canon: Canon XF100, Canon XF105, Canon XF200, Canon XF205, Canon XF300, Canon XF305, Canon C300, Canon C500;

Sony: Sony PMW-500, PMW-350K, PMW-EX3, PMW-F3L, PMW-F3K, PMW-100, etc.

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