Three Solutions to Play Blu-ray Disc in Windows 8

Windows 8 is currently the most advanced operating system for Windows-based PC. Lots of users have updated to this version to enjoy its great new features and the new platform look. However, some inevitable problems will also come along. One is the compatibility of the applications with Windows 8.  If you are a Blu-ray addict and wanna play Blu-ray on Windows 8, let me show you 3 options to restore Blu-ray playback functionality to Windows 8.

Check out the solutions on how to play Blu-ray on Windows 8. Choose your favorite.

Option 1: Install a codec pack

A totally free way to play Blu-ray on PC with the Windows 8 OS. To enable the Windows Media Player to play the Blu-ray format that is not included in the operating system by default, you would have to obtain the necessary codec. Where to get? The website offers a popular codec pack for Windows Media Player. The pack includes a number of popular codecs WMP doesn’t have. Blu-ray is certainly in. Via the simply installation, you can freely watch your Blu-rays on Windows 8 using Windows media player. Besides the developer’s website, the codec pack can be downloaded on CNET as well.

Option 2: Apply the third-party Windows 8 Blu-ray player software.

Before you buy the commercial software from developers, I should remind you to check out whether or not a software Blu-ray player pre-installed on your PC. Actually, if you bought a standalone Blu-ray drive, it almost certainly came bundled with some software to help you play Blu-ray on Windows 8.

But there is always an exception. If your Blu-ray drive comes with no software, then the Blu-ray player software from other developers will be helpful when you want to make Blu-ray playable on Windows 8. Right here I should mention about VLC – a free, open-source media player that could play unencrypted Blu-ray movies. But for those commercial and encrypted Blu-ray movies, I have another great recommendation – UFUWare Blu-ray Player.

As the best Blu-ray player software for Windows 8, UFUWare Windows 8 Blu-ray Player provides the best way to play both commercial and uncommercial Blu-ray. Playing Blu-ray movies from different places and countries is also out of question. Besides, UFUWare Windows 8 Blu-ray Player supports various advanced audio decoding technologies like Dolby, TrueHD, DTS5.1, etc. guaranteeing super high quality of stereo audio output. What should be noted is UFUWare Blu-ray Player comes at a price for Blu-ray playback – $45 (lifetime), $32 (One Year). But that’s much cheaper than buying the Windows 8 Pro which costs $100.

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Get Windows 8 play Blu-ray

Option 3: Convert Blu-ray for playback on Windows 8

The second solution is to use UFUWare’s Windows 8 Blu-ray ripper software. With the Blu-ray converter for Windows 8, you can rip Blu-ray to common video in Windows 8 compatible format like MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. Just via converting, making Blu-ray playable on Windows 8 default media player is just a breeze. If you are a 3D addict, the surprise is this Windows 8 Blu-ray ripper software supports to convert Blu-ray in 2D to 3D movies for lifelike 3D movie enjoyment.

This is the way I prefer to use to watch Blu-ray. Thru conversion, the Blu-ray movie enjoyment will never be limited in your computer – you can freely watch your Blu-ray movies on portable devices like mobile phone, smart tablet, etc. while on the go.

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Blu-ray Toolkit Screen


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