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It’s hard to express our feelings about the intelligence of our human beings. Smarter and smarter according to the development of science, that’s definitely. And just because of those geniuses, we are walking to the age of 3D while 3D technology become maturer and maturer. Well, we now are still in the early age of 3D and there are few 3D products supplied. For example, 3D movies now gain a lot of people’s attention to watch but audience have to go to cinema to watch, well, some of them are available at home when you have some 3D media player and 3D equipments like 3D glasses. It’s awesome to have 3D theatrical experience at home of course if there are enough 3D movies or your favorite movie happened to have 3D version. But what if not? What if your wanted movie is still 2D one? Then make it be 3D movie!

This article is a step by step guide showing you how to create 3D AVI movies with 2D video files quickly and easily if you have a 3D media player accepting 3D AVI files to play. To do such a 2D video to 3D AVI conversion, UFUWare 3D Video Converter must be a great helper with its powerful 3D conversion function offering superb fast conversion speed:

Download MKV to 3D converter for Windows Download MKV to 3D converter for Mac

1. Locate 2D files into the 2D to 3D AVI converter

Launch the UFUWare 3D Video Converter, select “2D to 3D” mode, then you can select “Add Files”  under the main interface which enables you to import all 2D video files in your chosen folder into the 2D to 3D AVI Converter for converting.

3D Converter Getting Started

2. Select 3D AVI as your output format

To get your own overwhelming 3D experience, you here need to go to “3D Settings” to set output 3D video effect. There are four 3D setting modes provided: Anaglyph, Side by Side, Side by Side (half-width), Top and Bottom, or Top and Bottom (half-height).  And the choose output format AVI in “Profile”.

2D to 3D

3. Start to convert video to 3D AVI

Press the “Convert” button then leave the software to accomplish the rest of 2D to 3D AVI conversion automatically. Once the conversion is done, you then can import the files to your player and go ahead to enjoy your 3D enjoyment!

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