HEIC Converter – Convert HEIC to JPG/PNG on Windows or Mac

HEIC is a revolutionary new format that allows you to store very high quality photos on your iPhone with a fraction of the space that you used to need. This is great news for people who like to take lots of photos, especially on a mobile device with limited storage. That’s why Apple implemented this in iOS 11.

One major problem with online tool is the quality with the converted JPG files. I have tested 3 online free tool and the output is really bad. The photos are blurred and it is much worse than the original. So if you were concerned about the photo quality, then the best way is to use a professional software like UFUWare HEIC Converter for Windows or Mac, which has good quality control during conversion. What is more, you can convert 100+ photos in batch mode. This saves a lot of time when comparing to the online service.

Download HEIC Video Converter for Windows:

Buy HEIC Converter for Windows Now Free Download HEIC Converter for Windows

Download HEIC Converter for Mac:

Buy HEIC Converter for Mac Now Free Download HEIC Converter for Mac

Step 1. Download and Install iOS HEIC Converter

To begin with, you need to download the program from the official website and install it on the windows/mac computer. Once this is done, the iPhone or other device that contains the HEIC images need to be connected to the computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Add Single or Multiple HEIC Photos to the Program

You can see two options displayed on the window. They are designed for single or batch photo conversion. Please
click the proper “Add HEIC ” button to start the process. At this stage, you can add files or add a folder according to your needs. Click on one option and find add selected files or folders to the program. In the following section, I will take batch conversion as an example.

Convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG or PNG on Windows or Mac

Step 3. Adjust Output Quality of HEIC Photo

When the file selection is done, click “Convert” button and then a pop-up window appears. You can adjust photo quality from there. At the same time, you should choose a destination folder to store the converted JPG/PNG files.

Choose the output format (JPG/JPEG or PNG)

Step 4 Start Converting HEIC to JPG/PNG

After setting is done, you need to click “Convert” button again to start the process. A few minutes later, all selected HEIC files will be converted into JPG/PNG format. So you can view it directly on Windows PC or Mac.

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