Nikon D610 FCP X,Import Nikon D610 to Final Cut Pro X for Editing

“Hi, I don’t understand why my Nikon D610 mov files won’t work in my Final Cut Pro X program.” Do you have the same problem? Don’t worry, this article will tell you the reason and the solution for Nikon D610 mov files won’t work in Final Cut Pro X.

Why Nikon D610 HD MOV Files can’t work in Final Cut Pro X

The Nikon D610 camera encodes footage with H.264 codec and save the files in MOV container format. The MOV format is FCP friendly but H.264 codec is not natively supported by Final Cut Pro because H.264 encoded contents are highly compressed and are for delivery only. The means this MOV video format came from Nikon D610 is a long GOP format that is highly compressed, it is not a good editing format. So it won’t work in Final Cut Pro X.

Solution for importing Nikon D610 mov files into FCP X

The current solution is to convert Nikon D610 hd mov to ProRes mov before importing to FCP X. So you need a software for dealing with the mov videos from Nikon D610. It does not only convert Nikon D610 MOV to a compatible Mac H.264 MOV for Final Cut Pro X but also supports other Nikon cameras.

Software requirement

This top Nikon D610 MOV to FCP X converter for Mac does a great job to transcode Nikon 1080p MOV videos to ProRes 422 MOV for FCP X. Plus, it allows you to join several Nikon D610 clips together, or split one big file into several smaller ones.

Buy HD Converter for MacDownload HD Converter for Mac

Brief steps about transcoding Nikon D610 1080p MOV to Final Cut Pro X

Steps 1. Load Nikon D610 1080p MOV video clips.

Click “Add video” button and you can easily import Nikon D610 1080p MOV videos to UFUWare Nikon MOV to FCP X Converter on Mac.

Step 2. Select profile presets and adjust settings.

From the Format list, find Final Cut Pro catalog and you are recommended to select profile for getting Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) friendly files.

The ProRes codec is the best codec for FCP X, although the source media is a mov suffix, it’s not the same with quicktime movie format; that’s why you cannot get the Nikon D610 MOV into FCP X directly.

Note: If you are not sure which profile you should choose, select according to video quality you want to get:

Apple ProRes 422: Higher quality than Apple ProRes 422 (LT)

Apple ProRes 422 (HQ): Keep original video quality for editing in FCP.

Apple ProRes 422 (LT): Get a smaller file sizes than Apple ProRes 422

Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy): SD levels: 480i/p and 576i/p. Used in offline workflows.

Apple ProRes 4444: Edit and finish 4:4:4 materials

BTW, to get 1080 videos, we need to click the “Settings” button and choose 1920*1080 as output video resolution.

Step 3. Start converting Nikon D610 1080p MOV for FCP X.
Click the big Convert button and Nikon D610 1080p MOV for FCP X conversion begins. Once completes, clock “Open” icon, find converted MOV files and you are able to transfer Nikon D610 1080p MOV video footages to Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) for editing.

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