Youtube Video Recorder-How to Record Videos from YouTube?

As we all know, YouTube only allows its users to watch and view videos on the website. So, there is a large number of people want to download or save their favorite videos from YouTube to the computer. Do you want to download YouTube videos? If you are not in front of your computer, your friend or family can easily help you record the video with one click. You can set the ending time and then save the recorded video with fast speed.

However, for the live streaming videos, none of the video downloaders can help you save them to your computer, so you need to find another way to get the video to your computer.

How to record YouTube videos with the best screen video recorder?

You should get the best YouTube video recorder first. You are lucky enough to find this passage so that you do not need to waste your time to comparing the different video recorders to get the best one.

The best YouTube Video Recorder is definitely UFUWare Screen Recorder. With its simple interface and easy-to-use functions, it has helped many people capture their favorite YouTube videos and online streaming videos. At the same time, it wins a high reputation for solving people’s most headache problem. Can’t wait to use this YouTube Video Recorder? Download it to your computer first.

Steps to capture or record YouTube videos

Install and launch this YouTube video recorder on your computer.

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The Interface of Screen Recorder

Step 1: Head to, find the video which you want to record. You can find the video fast by insert the keywords or select the category from the left side of YouTube interface. Maximize the video to full screen as you like.

Warmly remind: If you want to record the video with high quality, you should adjust the video quality from “Settings” when the video is playing on YouTube.

Step 2:  Before capturing the YouTube video, you are able to set the ending capture time. With the clock-like icon – on the main interface of this YouTube video recorder.

Step 3: Turn off the microphone as the noise around you will affect the video quality and keep the system audio on.

Skype Video Recorder

Step 4: Begin to record the YouTube video. At full screen statement, you can use the hotkey F10 to start/stop capturing, F9 to pause/resume capturing and F8 to take a screenshot.

begin recording your Skype video call

Now you are able to preview the video and click save video to save the recorded YouTube video to your computer.

Other functions of this YouTube Video Recorder

1. Capture videos from any websites including video sites;

2. Record Skype video calls with high quality;

3. Save the online business meeting;

4. Make a tutorial video;

5. Get video from Netflix;

6. Record streaming videos;

7. Capture online games

8. And more…

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